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Enabling Informed Decisions in Breast Cancer through Information Technologies Issue #2 January 2018
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  “Clinical data availability has been proved a significant challenge”   With the DESIREE project having already past its half life, and after months of intensive collaborative work split in WPs, the team is now excited to mingle everything together and produce the first tangible outcomes! Get a sneak preview of DESIREE platform by watching our latest demo video!
The development and implementation of the experience based decision support system and the semantic reasoning engine that generates personalized clinical recommendations are approaching the final phase. Consolidation phase is just completed, and the different modules are to be integrated so that by next April the system will be ready for clinical validation in simulated BUs. Clinical data availability – from data definition, ethical protocols & committees’ validations, to anonymization and actual data sharing among partners - has been proved a significant challenge yet for this project!
Our dissemination and communication activities are gradually intensified. During the first half, DESIREE partners produced more than 20 scientific publications in prestigious international and national congresses, with more to come in the following months. Targeted communication actions are also planned to spread our messages through the academic, technological, industrial and patient communities.
Next milestone is our upcoming team meeting in Athens, 29-30 January 18, expected to facilitate a very busy agenda on multiple project aspects!
Ana Smith  
Dr.-Ing. Iván Macía Oliver, PhD
Project Co-ordinator
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Upcoming 29 – 30 January 2018: DESIREE Project & Advisory
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Review meeting highlights  
Review meeting highlights

On Tuesday, 10 October 2017 the DESIREE team travelled to Brussels for the 1st Project Review meeting by the EU. The team presented in detail the work done so far, demonstrating results, facts and achievements as these have occurred during the 18 months lifetime. The EU was represented by the DESIREE Project Officer, Mrs. Anne Auffret, together with 3 experts from the fields of Biomedical Engineering & eHealth, Medical Imaging and the clinical practice of breast surgery.

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Learning from our uncertainties. A MDs’ need.
The practice of medicine has evolved, during the last decades, from a doctor-centered art-practice to a regulated application of guidelines. This is particularly true in cancer medicine where therapeutic decisions have deep impact not only on chances of survival but, moreover, on toxicity and financial issues. This way, state of the art guideline compliance has become the standard and a routine obsession for practitioners. By Dr. Ander Urruticoechea, Scientific and Managing Director, Fundación Onkologikoa
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  Learning from uncertainties
Modelling the outcome of surgery  
Modelling the outcome of surgery plus radiation for breast cancer treatment

EBreast conserving therapy (BCT) refers to breast conserving surgery (BCS) followed by moderate-dose radiation therapy (RT) to eradicate any microscopic residual disease. The goals of BCT are to provide the survival equivalent of mastectomy, a cosmetically acceptable breast, and a low rate of recurrence in the treated breast. Studies have shown that, after breast-conserving surgery, radiotherapy to the conserved breast halves the rate at which the disease recurs and reduces the breast cancer death rate by about a sixth.

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Radiobiological modelling for beginners…
External radiation or brachytherapy is one of the treatment methods against breast cancer. As all therapies, radiation is linked with side effects. Utmost goal during the treatment with radiation is to maximize the benefit for the patient (efficacy of the treatment) while sparing other vital organs from radiation that could lead to organ’s toxicity.
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  Learning from uncertainties
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