Specific objectives

Specific objectives summary

All developments involved in DESIREE have specific general objectives that in a tactical manner can be breakdown into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure their impact.


The KPIs are defined according to the related technological development in DESIREE:

  • Advanced digital breast cancer patient model
    • Number of clinically relevant variables incorporated in the model currently not readily available - > 50
  • Image analysis tools for breast and tumour characterization and image fusion in multiple modalities
    • % of cases in which the tools were consulted by the BUs beyond current existing radiology tools for additional insight > 20 
  • Virtual surgery tool predicting the cos-metic outcome of the surgery and healing
    • % of cases in which the predictive result is considered visually acceptable for representing the real outcome > 70
  • Incorporate relevant but non well- typified characteristics of patients and cases corresponding to "grey areas" in the guidelines into the DSS
    • % of patients that never went through BU decision >5
  • Presentation of patients in a friendly, easy and intuitive way will help to avoid non-presentation of cases in the BU
    • % of patients that never went through BU decision <5
  • The DSS is able to model experience and provide recommendations based on previous cases and outcomes
    • Number of rules changed based on experience provided by the system > 10
  • Validity of the system for presenting patient cases in the BU
    • Total number of new cases presented using the system > 100