First DESIREE Symposium at 6th Annual International Conference in Computational Surgery and Dual Training (COSINE6)

The first DESIREE Symposium was held at 6th Annual International Conference in Computational Surgery and Dual Training (COSINE6), on May 25 2016 at Bordeaux INP-France.

The 6th Annual International Conference in Computational Surgery and Dual Training (COSINE6), which took place on May 25-26 2016 at Bordeaux INP-France has been selected by the DESIREE consortium to host the 1 st DESIREE Symposium. COSINE6 provided a forum for new ideas to build the interdisciplinary curriculum of surgeons/computational scientists, presenting computational methods to optimize the integration of procedural technologies, informatics, and human factors to maximize performance in the operating room/procedural suite.

In that framework, the DESIREE project made its initial opening to the scientific community, by holding a dedicated Symposium with the title: Multiscale modeling and decision support applied to breast cancer management: DESIREE project. The Symposium was held on May 25th, 10:30 - 12:30, Room TD11

The Symposium was consisted of five presentations by distinguished participating clinical institutions, covering different aspects of breast cancer management such as the clinical needs of Breast Cancer Units, image-basedbreast and tumour characterization and predictive and multiscale modelling. An overview of the DESIREE project was also presented by the Coordinator, to set the scene for this new project, its objectives and the innovation it will bring. A round table discussion followed the presentations, focusing on the topic of what the medical community envisions as useful result in managing breast cancer, within the project context.

The Symposium attracted a significant number of attendees, which, together with the consortium partners who represented the project team were involved in a fruitful discussion and exchange.

For a detailed view of the Symposium schedule, the presentation material as well as characteristic photos you may visit the event page at DESIREE website, by clicking here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016