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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Radiobiological modelling for beginners…

DESIREE Communication Team

External radiation or brachytherapy is one of the treatment methods against breast cancer. As all therapies, radiation is linked with side effects. Utmost goal during the treatment with radiation is to maximize the benefit for the patient (efficacy of the treatment) while sparing other vital organs from radiation that could lead to organ’s toxicity.

The assessment of the overall benefit of a radiation treatment can be modelled with the help of linear quadratic model. That model simulates the cell killing for a specific type of cell (each cell cancerous or healthy has different properties: e.g. radiosensitivity, proliferation) under a given radiation prescription and schema.

With the help of such modelling, radiation oncologists can simulate and predict the outcome of any radiation treatment schema. Via treatment simulation, the best radiation treatment plan can be chosen and applied to a given patient.

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